Looking Back On 2016

There is power in reflection.  How can we grow and change if we don’t take time to examine and acknowledge what is working in our life, and what is not?

In spite of all my recommendations to you about the wisdom in looking back over 2016, I’ve had a hard time creating the space I wanted to do that.   Why?  Because right now feels like it’s all about moving forward, and I have to admit that I’m mostly focused on what needs to happen to get that momentum going.

With that said, I have spent some time this month thinking about everything that has changed for me and been accomplished in 2016.  It’s been a year of big change for me, and it’s important to take time to be grateful for those changes and progress.

In January, the current website version of the You Have To Just Start website went “live”.   The beginning of small steps toward my vision.  My first blog posts.  It felt very vulnerable, and still does.  Up until that point, I didn’t have much internet or social media presence.

I knew in January that I was going stop teaching piano, but hadn’t yet decided on the exact date.  The decision to end an 18 year teaching career obviously felt BIG.  It was.  The studio closed on June 2nd.  I expected to literally launch myself right into building You Have to Just Start, but the transition took more time than I had anticipated, and it was something that couldn’t be rushed. Everything about my daily life had been dictated by the studio schedule, and suddenly, there was silence.  I was surprised to discover that I needed to be still for a bit and just listen.  Slowly, a path started appearing.

About the time the election rolled around, along with its surprising outcome, I made the decision to enroll in a life coaching certification program.  The commitment to that investment of time and money was another BIG decision for me, and instantaneously defined what I’m going to be doing for the next ten months.  Moving forward with that has meant that I needed to redesign my website and “branding”.  And now, here we are.  Just a few days away from rolling into 2017.  The new website will launch hopefully within the next month. Coaching school starts next month.


Other achievements I’m proud of and celebrating:

As you might imagine, there have been endless opportunities for technological growth.  For any of you who know me, you know there is NOTHING about technology that is intuitive or comes naturally for me.  To say it’s an ongoing adventure doesn’t begin to describe it.  On my good days, I hang in there and believe I can learn to navigate the tools and apps I need to be working with.  We won’t talk about my bad days.  Let’s just say I’m grateful beyond anything I can express for all the support and tutoring I’ve had and continue to have.

I’ve continued my commitment to my fitness and health.  Although Monday through Friday gym workouts take a lot of time, and would be the easiest thing to eliminate in my schedule to free up much needed time for business development,  it has remained a non-negotiable for me.  I’m super proud of that.

Questions I’m still reflecting on:

What went as planned in 2016?  

What are other things am I proud of accomplishing in 2016?

Who are 10 people in my life I’m grateful for?

With just a few days left in 2016, I’m hoping that you, too, have either already found time, or can create some, to reflect, acknowledge and be grateful for everything life has given you this year.  I’m grateful for all of you and your support, and excited about the You Have To Just Start community that is emerging.  I’m excited to begin my new career in coaching midlife and empty nest women and sharing my belief that the best part of your life is just about to happen for you.  2017 – here we come!

Your biggest fan,