Be In Motion

 Be in motion.  It’s one of my favorite phrases.  What does it mean?  It means life is about motion.  We do not learn by standing still.  What happens when you’re in motion?  You grow, learn, move forward, choose, change, redefine what is possible.  Why is it important?  Because you matter.  Investing in YOU is the most important investment you can make.  

Some people will respond with “ah – you mean Personal Development”.  That phrase is commonly used, but those two words really set some people on edge.  I’m not a big fan of labels, so I’d rather think of the vision of embracing life and all its possibilities with open arms.  Personal development, self development, or whatever you want to call it, is something we all do every moment of every day.  We evolve.  You’re not the same person you were yesterday, or even two hours ago.

We are bombarded every moment of every day with information.  Whether it’s intentional, situational, environmental, cultural, solicited or unsolicited, it just keeps coming.  We live in a world where the pace is getting faster and faster, and there is an insistence that we keep up.  The fear of missing out keeps us in the race to keep up.  Whether or not we want this input is irrelevant.  And so, we are in motion.  Every day is different, a do-over, and presents new opportunities.  Sometimes we need to pause to move forward – to take time to sort, discard, absorb, reflect.  But then you return to the motion because life is forward momentum.

So how do we keep growing and learning?  Each one of us is unique, with our own style of learning.  Some of us read.  Some prefer podcasts or audio books.  Some of us prefer the internet as our learning modality of choice.  Regardless, it’s important to remember that our best learning happens at our own pace. Progress is progress.  The pace is yours and there is no competition to keep up with anyone else.

I do some of my best thinking when I’m literally “in motion”.  Walking, doing cardio at the gym, moving.   When I’m writing these blog posts, the words come most easily with motion.  Sitting down in front of a computer screen stops the flow.  Others may need to be sitting still when they are absorbing or processing information.

What is the point of this post about being in motion?  If you’re not in motion, growing, learning, expanding your goals and what you once believed was possible, what is the alternative?  Quitting?  Giving up?  Stagnating?  Settling?

We’re talking about your life work!  Is there anything more important?  It’s an unfolding, becoming.  Expanding your vision of your future.  It’s how you build that vision!

Growth is not a light switch.  It’s a lifestyle.  Embrace and redefine what is possible in your life.  It’s your time.  Become somebody nobody thought you could be!

Your biggest fan,



Image:  In motion on the first day of trekking in Bhutan.