Consistency Is Your BFF!

Consistency is, emphatically and unequivocally, your best friend.  Forever.  I’m sure if you asked any one of the five gymnasts in the picture above, they would tell you the very same thing.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately – and you know – I can’t think of a single instance where consistency isn’t going to be the very best tool to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Seriously.  Do you want to get closer to your goals or stay stuck where you are?

Personal success (or success in anything) is determined by consistency.  It is a pattern of behavior.  Not a single act, but rather a daily habit.  And that’s the key.  


It creates a process.

It creates a habit (behavior pattern) that can be learned and practiced.

It creates a smaller, more attainable goal which, in turn, gives you a focus other than overwhelm.

It creates momentum, and momentum leads to success.

It creates a means for measurement.

It creates expectation.

It creates a way to be accountable.

Most of all, it creates an environment that enables you to thrive.


Pretty big wins if you ask me!  I think the most important word to focus on here is process.  Process is especially important when you know what your big vision goal is (totally awesome!) but identifying the steps to get there can throw you into overwhelm.  

Some people will tell you that “consistency” is synonymous with “routine”.  Mention routine and they yawn.  They will tell you that’s just not the way they roll and they’ll do everything possible to avoid routine in their life, preferring instead to be spontaneous.  It’s much more exciting to see what life brings, thank you very much.  Maybe it works.  For awhile.

There are so many examples, and in every instance,  it is consistency in your step-by-step process that will produce results.

Olympic athletes.  Shining examples of what consistency produces.  Make no mistake – they didn’t win the by practicing only when they felt like it.

For the rest of us normal people:

Learning a new sport?  Every coach will tell you that you’ll experience the greatest improvement with consistency.  Repeated practice.  A process.

Learning a musical instrument?  It’s a process.  It takes time and patience, and just like sports, consistent practice produces results.

Learning new technology?   Ahem.  My personal nemesis – and I’ll admit that most days I don’t excel at practicing what I preach.

Learning a new piece of music?  You learn a piece of music one note at a time.  Not pages at a time.

Athletic training?   Consistency every day and in every workout matters.  It ALL counts.  And a big one – consistency will reduce your chances of injury (huge).

Climbing a mountain?  You start at the bottom and get to the top one step at a time.  I’ve never met anyone who did it any other way.

Health, diet and wellness?  Yep.  Consistency.   I know – it’s SO hard!  It delivers big results every time and reduces regret.  

I strive to be a creature of consistency.  It has served me well in every aspect of my life.  When I’m not consistent, I don’t see progress.  I’m a big fan of progress and I bet you are too!  I guarantee it will work and will empower your with the best tool for the job of creating your own personal success story.

Your biggest fan –