Chasing Dreams

This isn’t the post I’ve been trying to write all week.  I’ll get back to that one sometime soon.  Why did it get moved aside?  Because I realized this one is the one that wanted to be written.

You Have to Just Start is a new adventure for me.  Revealed along the way in hours and hours of walking in the mountains.  Sometimes in some pretty remote and amazing places.  And you know – a few people have been caught by surprise as they’ve learned about this new career direction.  It’s been interesting to their observe reactions.  Not everyone wants to embrace you and give you a supportive fist pump.  Change is hard.  It makes people uncomfortable.  You might feel like this change has been coming down the pike in your life for a long time and you wonder why people haven’t noticed.  It’s because we’re all busy navigating through life.  It’s what we do and sometimes to focus on our own work we just need other people to remain … the same.

I’ve been self employed for years, and during that time, have changed course several times.   As Elizabeth Gilbert said, some people seem to find a passion early in life and stick with it – well – forever.  They’re like a jackhammer.   But, some of us are more like hummingbirds.  We get restless, curious, need to try different things, cross-pollinating passions and infusing all those parts into our lives.

Why?  Each one of us is unique.  We process life differently.  Sometimes you just know the time for that change is NOW.   It’s like having a pair of jeans that have been your go-to comfortable, trusty standbys.  And then one day you get up and they just don’t fit right anymore. You guys – if you’re noticing that in your life, it’s time to pay attention.  Time to find a way to chase that dream and start a new chapter.  And time for someone in your life to pause long enough to listen and embrace your excitement.  I hope you’ll feel reassurance and encouragement here and I hope you have those someones in your life who will support you!  Go!  Start building that dream!