You sailed right through momhood with a purpose and mama bear fierceness that only another mom fully understands. But now – right now – this time in your life is different. You’ve reached midlife and a time when your kids are leaving home. Your house has suddenly become very quiet, and that feels unfamiliar. This is a time of transformation and change.

When your kids were home, your job description as Mom was crystal clear. But now they’re launched, starting their life away from home, and you’re finding yourself wondering who you are. You’re still Mom, but your job description has clearly changed and nobody has handed you the new one. Being a mom means you’re great at taking action and making sure you have a strategy for all the things related to navigating life with kids. But that has kept you so busy that you haven’t had time to focus on you. That all changes as of today. This is your time! The transformation starts with you. Are you ready to create a new job description? A new vision for how you want your life to be for the next ten years?

That term – “empty nest”. It sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? Some of the emotions you’re experiencing are not what you were expecting. What did you expect? Do other moms feel the way you’re feeling? Did anyone prepare you for this? The answer to that last question is NO. No one taught us how to prepare for this moment, or that we CAN choose to proactively plan and create a new life beyond kids.

What if I told you that so many of us are completely bewildered by this transition? That we want connection with others walking through this same experience. That we’re not flawed or broken because of how we’re feeling. That it takes time to realize that this is one of the most exciting times of your life! That you have an exciting adventure ahead of discovering and defining how you want your life beyond kids to be. Full of possibility, richness and abundance.

Exploring those possibilities is work that goes right to the core of who you are and, more importantly, who you want to be. You may not know what you want help with. Your life may feel happy and full, but you’re noticing a restlessness and desire to explore what’s next. That’s where I come in. Working with a mentor can help you dream big and put your midlife goals into action. Someone who is ahead of you in this midlife journey, someone who knows what this feels like because of her own life experience.

You Have To Just Start began while I was trekking in Nepal. I came home with the passionate vision of lifting up women and a desire to empower other moms, like you, to discover your potential. It’s a process of unfolding and awakening. This is your journey to define what is possible for your life, starting now!

Booking a session

Choosing to work with a midlife strategy mentor means you’re ready to take action. Together, we’re going to move your life forward! But before we start, I want to be sure it feels right for you every step of the way. If you have questions about how we’ll work in our session, or aren’t sure which option is the right fit for you, schedule a free 15-minute call and we’ll figure it out together.

The one-on-one strategy session options below are held via Zoom, or a phone call on a private conference call line if you prefer. Either option allows us to work together regardless of where you live. You have a direct connection from me to you with lots of support, life wisdom, tips, resources and action steps to get you started and move you forward in your journey.

Just Start Intensive

You did it! You launched your kids and now it’s time to launch you! Time to take ownership of your choices, actions and life. Wondering what’s next? Your possibilities are just starting!

How do I know this? Because even though we haven’t met yet, I know we have some things in common. I’ve been where you are.

Once you set a goal that is important to you, you need a strategy to achieve it. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you move forward from where you are to where you want to be. We’re going to take that spark of yours and ignite it.

Just Start + Action

You’re a whole person, not “just” a mom. Your life feels full and happy, but it also feels different than it did when your kids were home. You’re looking at this wide open space of the next twenty years of your life and thinking … what else?

It’s a unique time in a woman’s life, unlike any other time you’re experienced before. You were so busy doing the mom life that you barely noticed the passing of time. You put off thinking about what’s next because … it seemed like there was plenty of time to focus on that question later. But – later is now and you’re ready for more. It’s time to begin this journey. Time to change how you’re going to show up for your life!

Just Start Intensive is a great fit for you if:

You’re not looking for a long-term commitment. These sessions are action focused, designed to get you started!

You’re ready to shift from surviving to thriving. You’re ready to move from where you are to somewhere else – but you’re not entirely sure yet where that is.

It’s time to lean on someone who’s been there, walked the path and has the skills to help you do the same.


You’ve done the work, know your why. You’re on fire. Ready to go right now. That goal of yours is crystal clear.

All you need are the action steps and strategy to achieve it.

Either way – we’re going to make this happen. You’re 90 minutes away from a plan to get you started!

Just Start + Action is perfect for you if:

You want more! You know yourself well enough to know – if you’re being really honest – that to create meaningful change in your life, you need someone to push you.

You’re ready to define a life – your life – where you are thriving. And then to make that happen, you want accountability with weekly calls, an action plan, a process, and doable steps to keep you moving forward.

You need someone to infuse you with the energy to fuel your fire. Someone else’s voice to urge you forward. To encourage you. Inspire you. Motivate you. Someone who says don’t stop! Do YOU a little bit bigger!

This is a one-month deep dive. We’re not only going to get you started by igniting that spark, but we’re going to keep fueling that fire, week after week. There is a structure built into the progression of weeks, but we also have complete flexibility to adjust your action steps depending on where you are, the progress you’ve made between calls, and what you need to keep moving forward.

Note: After our work together on Just Start + Action, you have access to More Action! Additional calls, if you choose, for ongoing support at an affordable rate.

Your Next Steps:

Click on the Let’s Get Started button above for the package that works best for you. When you schedule your session(s), there will be a Client Agreement and Let’s Get Started Questionnaire to fill out as part of the scheduling process, so allow a few minutes for this.

After you’ve scheduled, you’ll see a welcome email from me in your inbox. That email will include information about how to connect at the time of your session.

The Let’s Get Started Questionnaire will help me learn about you before we begin, so we can dive right in when we connect for our session. On the questionnaire there will be prompts to get you thinking about where you are and where you want to go next in your life.

24 hours prior to your session, you will receive another email reminding you about your appointment time.

What I Bring To Our Sessions:

In every conversation I have with women about navigating through life, I ask what’s missing in their life and what they would find helpful. Their answer? Two things: a mentor, and a permission slip. I bring both to our work together.

Our strategy sessions provide a supportive and encouraging space, without expectation or judgement, and permission to explore who you are and what you want. You have my undivided attention. I blend a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalized mentoring based on my most powerful teaching tool – my own midlife journey. I believe that every experience I’ve had in my life has led me to where I am now, ready and excited to begin working with you!

Mentor Experience: I’ve completed a course in life coaching and use a combination of life experience, coaching tools and an action-oriented perspective to help you ignite change in your life.

18 Years of 1:1 Teaching Experience: One-to-one piano teaching in a home studio. My studio closed in June of 2016 to create space in my life to begin a new career working with you. Many of my former students studied with me from kindergarten through high school graduation. Success was built on the relationship that was established, and that holds true here.

Mom Experience: 32 years of first hand experience. The best and most important job of my life, and gives me some priceless perspective to share with you.

Empty Nest Experience: 13 years of empty nest wisdom. It’s been a time of exciting exploration to redefine who I am. I’ve shared a lot about my personal journey, discoveries and passions on my blog.

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