You sailed right through momhood with a purpose and mama bear fierceness that only another mom fully understands. But now – right now – this time in your life is different. You’ve reached midlife and a time when your kids are leaving home. Your house has suddenly become very quiet and you’re learning how soft your soul really is. It’s a time of transformation and change.

When your kids were home, your job description as Mom was crystal clear. But now they’re launched, starting their life away from home, and you’re finding yourself wondering who you are. You’re still Mom, but your job description has clearly changed and nobody has given you the new description.

That term – “empty nest”. It sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? Some of the emotions you’re experiencing are not what you were expecting. What did you expect? Do other moms feel the way you’re feeling? Did anyone prepare you for this? The answer to that last question is NO. Somebody forgot to tell us that we CAN choose to proactively plan and create a new Life Beyond Kids.

This is a time when you want connection and validation that you aren’t flawed or broken. It’s a time to discover and define how you want your life beyond kids to be. It’s a time of possibility, richness and abundance. It’s work that goes right to the core of who you are and is so reassuring to do it with someone who is ahead of you in the midlife journey. A coach who knows what this feels like because of her own life experience.

Not all of my clients come knowing what they want help with. Even though your life feels happy and full, you’re finding yourself becoming aware of a restlessness and desire to explore this new phase of your life. That’s where I come in. I’m your mid-life doula! You Have To Just Start began with the passionate vision of lifting up women and a desire to empower other moms, like you, to discover your potential. It’s a process of unfolding and awakening. This is your journey to define what is possible for your life, starting now.

Booking a session

There are several ways we can work together to help you move forward in your life. Choose the one that feels right for you.

The packages below are one-on-one phone based coaching options, personalized and tailored to you. Tele-coaching allows us to work together no matter where you live. You have a direct connection from you to me with lots of support, life wisdom, tips and all the tools I know to move you forward in your journey.

Choosing to invest in a coach is a big decision. One that needs to feel right for you. You want to feel safe, supported and inspired every step of the way. That’s what my free 30 minute Discovery Call will help you find out.

Just Start Intensive:

You already have a vision for your Life Beyond Kids and are ready to move forward, but need some clarity, focus and direction to build your plan! This private coaching session will give you the supportive boost you need to get started. I’m all yours for the initial 90 minute call to talk, dream and scheme about where you are now in your life and where you want to be. It will give us time to map out solid action steps to move you forward. I’ll share resources, experience, perspective, strategy and every ounce of wisdom I’ve gained. Heart to heart life consulting from me to you.

Before we start you’ll receive via email a pre-coaching questionnaire to fill out and send back. This will give me a chance to know a little bit about you before we start, help you identify what you want to achieve in your work with me, and help me gain clarity on how I can best help you.

At the end of two weeks, we’ll have a wrap-up call to celebrate your progress and be sure you’re on your way.

When you invest in the Just Start Intensive, you will receive:
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire emailed to you prior to our first session
  • One 90-minute session – you will be surprised by how much we can accomplish in this time together!
  • Follow-up notes and action steps emailed to you after our session
  • Email encouragement and support for 2 weeks
  • One 30-minute wrap-up call at the end of two weeks to be sure you’re on your way

Your Investment: $230

Start by scheduling your free Discovery Session

Creating A Life Beyond Kids:

You may be just entering into this adventure of your new Life Beyond Kids. It feels different, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s full of exciting possibility, but it also brings with it some potentially bewildering emotions that you’re surprised to be experiencing. You’re ready for more, but feeling stuck and unsure about how to gain some momentum. Defining who you are now that your mom job has changed can feel huge! This is a journey of your heart, a transformation, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Until now, you just didn’t have time to invest in this because you were so busy being Mom. Now you do and I’m here to help. This will be digging deep, building a new definition of who you are and believing that it’s your time to begin the next stage of your life.

We will work together for three months, giving us more time for me to support you. I’m here to do exactly that! We’ll explore what your life has been filled with up to this point, work together to find the vision that gets you excited about moving forward in your life, and build an impactful, fulfilling and exciting plan for you – on your terms and by your own rules every step of the way.

When you invest in the Create A Life Beyond Kids package, you will receive:
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire emailed to you prior to our first session
  • We talk twice a month for 3 months. These six sessions last 60 minutes each and are completely tailored to you and our work together.
  • Notes and action steps emailed to you after each call to keep you moving forward
  • Email encouragement and support between sessions

Your Investment: 3 monthly payments of $199, OR one full payment of $537 (saving you 10%)

Start by scheduling your free Discovery Session

What I Bring To Our Coaching Sessions:

In every conversation I have with women about navigating through life, I ask what is missing and what they would find helpful. Their answer? Two things: a mentor, and a permission slip. I bring both to our coaching sessions. Our sessions provide a safe and supportive space, without expectation or judgement, and permission to explore who you are and what you want. I blend a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalized mentoring based on my own midlife journey. I believe that every experience I’ve had in my life has led me to where I am now, ready and excited to begin working with you!

Life Coaching Certification:
I’m currently enrolled in a 10-month life coaching certification program, designed to give me more effective tools to share with you.

18 Years of 1:1 Teaching Experience:
One-to-one piano teaching in a home studio. My studio closed in June of 2016 to create space in my life to begin a new coaching career working with you. Many of my former students studied with me from kindergarten through high school graduation. Much like coaching, success is built on the relationship that is established.

Mom Experience:
31 years of first hand experience. The best and most important job of my life, and gives me some priceless perspective to share with you.

Empty Nest Wisdom:
12 years of empty nest wisdom. It’s been a time of exciting exploration to redefine who I am. I’ve shared a lot about my personal journey, discoveries and passions on my blog.