The Journey To Thrive Continues

One of my 2018 goals was to work with a new trainer at my gym and I knew who I wanted that trainer to be. A few months earlier a new face had walked into our gym. Our community is small and you notice new people. You especially notice Rose. 

My first encounter with Rose was in the weight room, standing in front of the squat rack loaded with an incredible amount of weight, talking under his breath in something not much louder than a whisper … “strong, strong, strong”. I walked by quietly, not wanting to interfere with his full-on I’m coming for you stare down with the bar and thought who is this guy and why is he talking to himself? What I didn’t know at the time is that Rose is a world champion bodybuilder and powerlifter. Actually, now that I think about it, that was pretty obvious.

Although his credentials are impressive, it was more than that. The hook for me was watching him with his clients. I had the opportunity to observe and listen to him work as the months went by and was increasingly awed by his technical expertise and commitment to helping his clients succeed. I attended a deadlift clinic he did at the gym for women only a few months ago. Rose inspires everyone around him because lives his work daily in the gym, pursuing his own goals. He walks his talk. Eventually Rose started passing along tips to me … “if you raise your head when you’re doing push-ups, you’ll get better results”. My trust in his skills and respect for him grew and I knew I wanted the opportunity to train with him.

Why? Because he clearly cares about the success and wellbeing of every one of the clients he works with and is unbelievably generous with his knowledge and time. His enthusiasm for his life work is SO contagious! He’s a living example of what’s possible. He meets you and your goals where you are and pushes you forward.

That is why you choose to work with a trainer, coach or mentor, whether it’s in the gym or business or life. They inspire you to believe it’s possible for you too. The parallels between his work and my work with you are not lost.

I wasn’t expecting to make this goal happen in the first couple days of 2018, but when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it. If you’re going to thrive, you’ve got to be ready. You want to work with someone who believes in YOU. Your potential. And is incredibly enthusiastic about walking beside you to help you achieve it!

Your biggest fan!