Really? It’s December?

You Guys!

How did this happen? I didn’t intend to be absent from this space for so long and it’s time to give you an update, at the very least.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that we lost our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Koda, in September. There are some people who believe that a dog is “just” a pet. For others – like us – they are a full member of the family. It’s taking time for me to adjust to doing life without my buddy by my side. There were thousands of walks and training hikes – he was my constant companion. We live in a small house and suffice it to say, his 95 pound physical presence is missed. The loss stopped me in my tracks for September and October. I needed time.

November was a month of nesting, grounding, reclaiming momentum. There have been some changes in the direction I’m going with You Have To Just Start. There are times, it seems, when the only way you figure out the “right” path is to choose one, start down it, and see what happens. Sometimes the answers aren’t what we expected. What do you do? Adjust course, or even backtrack, and begin again. That’s exactly what I’ve done. Website revisions are in progress right now. The technical side of those revisions will happen in January and I’ll be giving you the full scoop soon on my Work With Me strategy mentorships. I’m excited!

So now here we are in December. Seriously. DECEMBER! I’ve been doing some reflecting, as I do every year, about what I’ve been grateful for in 2017. Family. That’s the big one for me. I just got home from spending a few days in Los Angeles with our daughter. In spite of the fact that we’re in touch every day, there’s nothing like that face-to-face time.

I’m ready for an energy shift in 2018 – I think everyone is. Everywhere you look out there in social media land you see posts urging you to set goals, intentions, and plans for 2018. I’ll admit I’m a goal oriented person in both business and life and in the process of setting some, but this year I’m feeling more of a sense of urgency about my intentions. There’s no right or wrong way to approach the goal setting frenzy of January 1. It’s significant for some, and not for others. Do what feels right for you.

What can you expect from You Have To Just Start as we wrap up the last two weeks of 2017 and roll into 2018? More. More community. More connection. More YOU! Are you ready?

Your biggest fan