Are You Thriving Or Just Surviving?

“I’m fine”. How many times have you answered that when someone says “how are you?” I’d be a wealthy woman if I had a dollar for every time I’ve replied to someone’s inquiry with that response!

But am I really fine? Are you really fine? Are you thriving or just surviving? Do you even think about it before you answer or are you just going through the motions and letting the standard auto response roll off your tongue? Are you paying attention to what you’re really feeling? Are you noticing the cues your body is giving you? 

Truthfully, when we ask someone that question – “how are you?” – we use it as a standard etiquette form of greeting. We are, of course, expecting the standard response, not a 10 minute emotional unloading of what’s really going on in their life. That would have most of us pointedly looking at our watches because … we’re on a schedule and have things to get done. So, you will likely hear, or offer as a response: “I’m fine”. Or “life is good”. Or “life is busy!”

Those responses require acknowledgement from us, but not a huge investment of time. And if we’re being totally honest here, that was what we were hoping for. Unless you’ve made a coffee date to really catch up, we’re relieved when we get that standard answer.

So what’s the point of this post? Let’s cut to the chase. What I really want to know from you is how would you answer that question? Are you “fine”? Are you thriving or just surviving?

I don’t want you to be “fine” because half alive just isn’t good enough.  I want you to be better than fine. I want you to choose to thrive. Choose to not settle for just surviving. Life is short and I want you to be all in. Your life is yours to create, but YOU have to do it.

If you’re feeling stuck, fed up, or ready to stand up and say I want more, let’s hop on a free Discovery Call together and chat. When is the last time you had someone in your corner? Really in your corner? That one call could be the beginning of moving you from surviving to thriving. It’s all about choice.

Your biggest fan ~