Now What ?

Graduation is over and that question –  NOW WHAT?  – keeps appearing in the form of a bright neon flashing light. It’s been in the back of your mind for awhile, of course, but you’ve been way too busy to spend any time thinking about it. Your life is all about work, kids, sleep and chores. Like for the last 18 years. Or more. 

So what is the answer to now what? Slowly, quietly, you’re realizing you don’t have an answer. You’re probably noticing that this time feels like a period of transition. A time when you thought you would feel one way and find yourself feeling something entirely different. For sure, there are parts right now that feel like an ending, but there are also parts that feel like a beginning. You’re going to find that there are a lot of other women feeling many of the same things. 

Spend some time with the quietness. It’s the beginning of peeling off the layers of your life and getting to the core of who you are. Of paying attention to what you’re daring to dream about. Your soul has a plan and your adventure of discovering that plan is just beginning. The next twenty or so years of your life is wide open and full of possibility!

Do you remember giving birth to that person in your life who just graduated? How unbelievably thrilled and excited you were and at the same time scared to death because you had no idea how you were going to navigate through being a new mom? This time right now will carry some of the same feelings – except that this time you’re giving birth to yourself. That’s how many have described midlife / empty nest. It’s a birthing. The beginning of a new life, completely different than anything you’ve experienced before, and for a lot of us, we’ve had very little help preparing for it.

Know that you’re not alone in this moment with these feelings. How you choose to journey through this amazing time will be unique – because YOU are unique! Your soul has a plan. Now is your time to start listening to it. You Have To Just Start is a community full of like-minded women, ready to begin this new adventure together. There is a sign-up for our newsletter right here on this page. Join us!

Your biggest fan ~