Building Your Steps

Envision … Believe …  Begin … Build … Become!

It all sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  Now that you’ve invested time working through the stages we’ve been talking about in recent posts and arrive at this point in your journey, you start to feel like you’re gaining momentum.  It’s exciting!  This is your time!

You can understand now why your time and energy investment leading up to this is SO important.  You need answers to those those questions. You need to know your “why”.  You need to know what motivates you when it’s 5:00 a.m. and you don’t feel like getting started on your day.  You need accountability.  It’s show time, sister, and now is when you have to do the work.  This is 100% on you.  The way you’re going to make your vision happen – the one of the life you want to create – is by taking personal responsibility.  You have to show up and do the work.  You need staying power.  Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Now comes BUILDING.  This is the action part, where you finally get things moving and feel like you’re making progress.  It’s so awesome when you can see and feel this vision of yours.  You’re chomping at the bit and ready to start making that change happen. It may have taken a long time to get here, or it may seem like it happened quickly.  The pace in arriving at this step varies from person to person because we’re unique and so are our goals.

We’ve talked about envisioning.  About taking all the time you need to answer the question of what you want your life to look like.  Then believing that it’s possible.  And finally,  beginning.  You have to just start!

So here you are.  The next stage of creating your Life Beyond Kids (this applies to ANY goal, by the way)  is building a plan, step by step.  It’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Remember these steps are going to be small.  Achievable.  There is the big vision end goal, but before you get there you will have many, many smaller steps and goals.

I’m sure most of you have heard about creating SMART goals.  The acronym has several different variations.  Here is a good, basic version.

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable

R = Realistic

T = Time Based

SMART goals give you a good foundation and solid tools to work with.   When you set SMART goals you start the process by asking and answering questions.   I’ll be outlining those in upcoming posts.  I know.  More questions.  Nobody said this was going to be a quick fix!  We will explore SMART goals more thoroughly (each part will be broken into smaller steps) , but I did want to touch on it briefly.

Here’s your challenge this week:

The key to creating progress is making your steps small enough to be realistic and achievable.  If your steps don’t feel achievable and the “I can’t’s” are the first thing that pop into your head, your steps are too big.  Keep breaking them down.  

YOU are building your life.  Your way.  You can create your life to be any way you want it to be!  What an awesome opportunity!

Your biggest fan,



Image:  Everest Region in Nepal.  It’s a long trail and you get there one step at a time!