Are Your Kids Headed Off To College? It’s Time For A Reset!

Midlife.  Empty nest.  Reset.  Do-over.  Begin again.  Wait … WHAT?  

It’s true, you guys!   One of the great things about this hugely significant time is the opportunity it brings to reset your life.  Really!  I know – you’ve been so busy with life you’ve barely had time to breathe.  It sneaks up on you.  And now, here you are. Your kid is going off to college, your routine is completely changing and you suddenly find yourself with time and … OPPORTUNITY!

Did you ever think you’d view midlife that way?  You can!  It’s a do-over.  A chance to recreate your life!   Make some changes or additions.  Even if you feel like you’re doing a great job of navigating through this journey already,  a few tips and a little inspiration can still be helpful.   If you’re wondering what’s next, here are some steps to get you started on moving from where you are to where you want to go.


Steps for a Reset:

Last week we talked about paying attention to those sparks that start popping up.  Those sparks are your first clues that something is changing, or you need or want change.  Where do you start?

Step 1:  Envision.  What have you always wanted to do?  Something new or a continuation of something you’ve done in the past but didn’t have a lot of time for.  Travel?  Train for a marathon?  Take a pottery class?  Write down all the sparks that pop into your head.  Those sparks may surprise you!

Step 2:  Clarity.   Gaining clarity can take time and persistence, but it’s fun work.  It’s about building on the good things that already exist in your life.  Parts of your life that you’re content with, grateful for.  But you know you’re ready for more.  Ready to pursue a new direction, new passions, new goals.

Step 3:   Know Your Why.  You hear about this step a lot.  In order to make progress on a goal, you have to stay focused on your why.  But there’s more to this than just knowing why.

Step 4:  Motivation.   This one is super important and is going to be a huge factor in successfully moving forward on your new passion projects.  What motivates YOU?  We’re all unique and so are our sources of motivation.  What motivates me?  Quotes!  (I bet you’d never guess that, right?)  Challenges.  When I hear the words “I bet you can’t … that’s all it takes.  Challenge accepted.  People.  I’m a people person.  People and the stories about their journeys motivate and inspire me.

Step 5:  Action Steps.  Time to roll up your sleeves and get actual steps and time deadlines written down.  No excuses.  Don’t procrastinate by getting stuck on finding the right way to move forward.  There is no “right” way.  Only your way.  Just start and adjust course as necessary.

Step 6:  Measurable Markers.  Take time to acknowledge your progress!  How do you want to do that?  Some people love keeping journals or logs so they have a visual representation of progress.  Find a way that is meaningful for you.

We’re going to be doing some in-depth exploration of these steps in upcoming blog posts.  For now, just remember –  this is your moment people!  YOU get to create the next phase of your life.   It’s your journey – nobody else’s.  It matters.  Light the sparks.  I can’t wait to hear about it!

Your biggest fan,