Monday Motion

People are an endless source of fascination for me.  Truly!  Sometimes in a humorous way, sometimes in an aggravating way.  As I’ve walked through this transition process from a teaching career to a mentoring career, there have been a thousand and one unsolicited opinions about what I SHOULD be thinking/doing/wanting next in my life.

It’s as if I had a flashing neon sign placed on my forehead that says “Advice Needed.  Tell me what I should do.”  I just don’t remember placing that sign there.  Or plugging it in so it would flash and give everyone the thumbs up sign to jump right in and be the latest participant in telling me how to lead my life.

There are also a thousand and one sources on the internet (ok – actually more like a million and one) that can also tell me what I SHOULD be doing.  Do these people know me?  Do they have any clue about what’s going on in my head?  Tell me, again, how can they be the expert on my life?  And why are they assuming that I don’t have my own ideas, direction and goals and need their input?

The chatter and clutter is confusing.  You get so much input that you literally can’t hear yourself think.  The “S” word (should) is hands down my most despised word in the english language.  It has NEVER been helpful.  It teaches us to look to others for answers and/or approval.   How can anyone else presume to know the only thing that matters here and the only question to be asking yourself:

What do YOU envision ?

Transitions.  One of life’s great challenges.  So let’s establish The One Thing.  When you find yourself at a point in your life where the balance shifts and you know it’s time for change:

“Stand still inside yourself and know who you are.”  Maya Angelou

Take all the time you need.  Turn off the chatter.  Quiet the masses.  Listen.  You will find the answer.  You hold the power to choose your next move.  Believe in it.  Stay true.  When you’ve found your answer, if you want support or encouragement in building the steps to make that move, I’m here.  Mentoring you through transition is what I do.

Your biggest fan,