One Way? It’s Not True!

Well wait.  When it comes to street signs and safety, you do have to pay attention to those “One-Way” signs.  

But in life?  In goals?  In building success habits?  There is always more than one way to get to where you’re going.  Always.

That’s a super valuable thing to remember, because you’re going to run into roadblocks.  They’re an absolute given when you’re in pursuit of a goal.

Setting a goal does not automatically mean success, or even smooth sailing. We want it to, but that’s not how it works.  I’d wager a guess that many of us count determination as one of our qualities, but determination alone doesn’t automatically mean smooth sailing or success either.  Determination is going to be one of your biggest assets as you work on achieving your goal, but it’s going to take more than that.

The point?  You’ve got to dive into a goal – any goal – knowing there will be roadblocks.  Starting with that assumption enables you to develop a solution oriented attitude.  Working toward a goal requires a plan and one of the first steps in building that plan is to make a list of solutions.  A written down list.  It doesn’t work to fly by the seat of your pants and say to yourself … “I’ll come up with something if I need to.”  Ready to be tested potential solutions are invaluable tools and you may end using each and every one of them.  That’s where your determination comes in.  Proceed with curiosity!   Remove quitting as one of your options and proceed confidently, knowing you’ve prepared a success plan.  It’s going to make a huge difference.  Strive for progress.

You can’t anticipate which one is going to be the most effective as your work-around for an obstacle that gets thrown into your path, but one of them is going to give you a new pathway to keep progressing from where you are to where you want to be – which is successfully achieving your goal!