Trust The Process

It’s the number one thing. Trust the process. We know getting from where we are to where we want to be takes time. We know that.

But, we’re an impatient culture. We’re great at setting goals. Most of us are great at writing down the steps. We’re great at starting. And then? We have short term memory loss. We allow ourselves to forget that the path will take time. We forget to measure progress. We don’t have a plan in place to acknowledge and celebrate our progress. We don’t stay engaged. We wail. All we see is the flashing neon light in our brain that says “This Is Hard”.

It’s an awesome experience to walk above the clouds. How did I get there? I trusted the process. The day in day out training. The belief that if I put in the work, I would get to the top. And you know what? I did. You can too.

Practice Progress. It wins every time.

Image: Summit of Cayambe, 18,990 ft. / Ecuador / 2009