The Start Is What Stops Most People

There’s something about February. Maybe you’ve noticed it too? The light changes. The days are a tiny bit longer. There’s a sense of – dare I say it? Spring! We’ve regained our energy and momentum. There’s a subtle optimism we didn’t have a month ago. We might even be ready to think about those dreams and goals for 2016 that somehow got lost in the January slump.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they bounce around in our head for a long time before we can articulate them. Sometimes they appear in our lives as a “should”. Sometimes we write them down. Sometimes we don’t because that feels too much like making a commitment to really do it.

“The start is what stops most people.” Don Shula

Today is February 14th and I’m thinking today about how important it is to remember that you matter. Those dreams and goals bouncing around in your head matter. It’s time. Start by saying it out loud. Write it down and put it someplace where you will look at it every morning and every night. It doesn’t have to be someplace where anyone else will see it unless you want them to. Envision. Believe. Begin. Build. Become. One step at a time. Start. Yes. Right now.