February Is My New January

Whose idea was this January 1st goal stuff anyway?? We ALL buy into it. When January 1st rolls around we’re supposed to have our goals for the next year lined up and a plan to make them happen.

Truth? Some of us may have those goals lined up, but most of us don’t have a clue about how we’re going to accomplish them. Why? Because we’re all EXHAUSTED from the holidays!

When athletes are training they have built in recovery days, recovery weeks, recovery cycles. It’s written into your training schedule, and sometimes it’s the one thing that gets you through the grind.

You know what I think? January should be Recovery Month. We made it through the holidays. Never mind trying to have our goals and a plan to achieve them lined up on January 1. How is that even possible? So you guys – I’m calling it. January is our month to give ourselves a pat on the back. Catch our breath. Reflect on 2015 (who has time to be doing that in December?) and how we want 2016 to be different. Save that goal setting for February 1.

Are you ready? Beginning is what matters. Start. Something. Anything. Whatever your heart desires. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Start by building the steps to reach your goal. Celebrate progress. Let’s do this!!