I read a blog post recently about ways to use accountability as motivation to achieve your goals.
It had some good points.  When you’re working toward a goal, accountability is important.  Knowing that you’re accountable to something or someone can be highly motivational.  It doesn’t automatically mean, however, that with just those two things in play you will accomplish your goal.  

You need action steps.

Accountability is one of those steps and one of the tools you will use.

What are you accountable for?  

Accountable for doing the work of identifying the steps you need to reach your goal.

Steps that are small and achievable.  Small enough to take action.   Without fail.  Every day.

Steps you can measure.


When you hear someone say “I just don’t have any motivation”, that directly translates to “I don’t have the steps figured out to accomplish my goal”.


That’s where your work begins.


Set the goal.

Build the steps.