To create meaningful change…
you have to just start.
There is a life beyond kids. Are you ready to create yours?
You’ve heard the term “empty nest”, but that term didn’t have personal meaning … until now.

Your life is not empty. It’s full of possibility!

It’s an exhilarating time of transformation, change and shifting gears to move forward. Starting today, you have permission to focus on you, your life and your dreams.

Reaching midlife and a time when your kids are leaving home stirs up questions about who you are and how you want to navigate through the next phase of your life. As your roles shift and change, you’re noticing a restlessness and desire to explore what’s next for your life. What will your life look like without kids at home? You’re still a mom, but your job description has changed. You’re wondering … what now?

Now is everything. Now is a time to discover and define how you want your life beyond kids to be. Now is the time to start, to launch the next chapter of your life. It’s work that goes right to the core of who you are and it’s reassuring to do it with a midlife strategy mentor who knows what this feels like because of her own personal life experience.

Welcome! I’m Jean.

I’m a midlife strategy mentor, an encourager, listener, supporter and nurturer. I’m walking the same midlife journey you are, just a few steps ahead. My definition of who I am changed completely when my daughter left home for college. It was a lightning bolt moment of realization that life was about to be completely different. There was a space opening in my life with exciting opportunities to explore. I spent the next eight years climbing mountains around the world and along the way, redefined who I am.

The vision for You Have To Just Start began during that time, and the realization that in midlife we need reassurance that what we are experiencing is shared by others. We crave community, connection and validation. I came home determined to create that community and to begin working with midlife women (like you!) to empower you to create your life beyond kids. It’s time to focus on what matters – redefining what is possible for you!

Redefine What’s Possible In Your Life!

Are you ready to explore possibility, make positive changes, take action and thrive?

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